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Craig Agnew

Sales Manager
One of the best Globalization, Localization and Translation companies in the world - and now in our 30th year. Alpha has developed a complete, in-house, AGILE G11N service solution for clients worldwide. We specialize in continuous localization, LQA and transcreation for the world's biggest companies.

Translation; Linguistic Translation, editing & proof reading
Transcreation; Ads/Strap-lines/Slogans - cultural fit & consistent brand message
QA – Linguistic; Linguistic Quality Assurance on translations
QA - Functional; Investigation / Planning / Testing / Reporting - Ensure all works
Brand Management; Marketing & Digital content - Consistent message globally
Copy Writing; Multilingual, creative text
International SEO; Website localisation & Search Engine Optimisation
Post Editing; Machine Translated files human checked for accuracy
Project Management; Flexible PM services to suit client needs + drive delivery
Consultancy; Industry specific consulting services
AV / Multimedia; Subtitling / Dubbing / Animation / Captioning
Design & Layout; Redesign after translation