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avatar for Silviu-Vlad Pirvu

Silviu-Vlad Pirvu

Troy Planning + Design
Digital Urban Planner
London, United Kingdom
Silviu is a digital urban planner and designer specialising in applied AI and location intelligence. He developed initiatives and concepts for sentient cities and AI in order to refresh the cities of tomorrow through human-augmented technology and technology-augmented creativity.

In the last years Silviu promoted the use of AI and mixed reality in urban planning and design as a speaker and consultant. He is currently working on a wide variety of planning projects while exploring how AI can enable machine co-creation and simplified intuitions about multi-dimensional challenges.

Silviu was author and expert collaborator for “Laser Valley – Land of Lights”, the international city of physics around the world’s biggest laser where he included AI and XR as key enablers in next-gen collaboration and education.